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Daniel Culp was born and raised in Arlington Heights, IL. At the age of 5 he began his musical journey. With the violin in hand he set forth through private lessons, performance groups, orchestras and ensembles eventually leading him to Russia, China, Japan and Australia. Within this array, Daniel chose to pursue another instrument as well. The piano found its way to his roster at the age of 8. Private lessons and recital performances became the norm.

Once high school hit, however, his musical tastes began to expand, bloom and breathe as he was introduced to the sounds of electronica. The experince left him wanting more and soon was flooding his headphones with indie rock, metal, trip-hop, gypsy jazz, lounge and many other genres. During his high school years, Daniel had also added the viola to his collection and in the year 2000 made the two final additions: Drums/percussion and guitar.

That year was also the year when he truly decided to become a composer. It became a goal of his to fuse different genres together using electronica as duct tape. Amongst many various artists that have influenced him greatly, there has been a steady bond between Daniel and video games. Throughout the years, many hours, days, weeks were spent slaving in front of flashy screens but not only for the mere enjoyment of interactivity. The soundtracks and themes to these digital stories became a constant favorite. Daniel grew to love the sounds and tambres wholly, from its 8-bit origins all the way down the evolution to its fully orchestrated and digitally mastered sound.

When asked what his musical goal is or what he intends his listeners to feel while listening to his music, Daniel's reply was, "I'm just doing what i love to do: writing music i like that i can share with everyone. I will never tell someone how to feel while listening to my music. If i'm lucky, they will naturally and simply feel my music. To me, music is stronger than love, hate or any other emotion. It is a chameleon, a pliable craft. It is an energy that conveys whatever is necessary. Music is life."

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